Why I Started Posting My Weight on Social Media

Think about it: Do you know what 172 pounds actually looks like?

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does
After writer Jennifer Tress' husband cheated on her (and blamed it o…
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Should We Blame Ourselves When Dates Go Bad?
Women seem to take it too personally when things go wrong.
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Are You Sexually "Normal"?
A shocking number of women have problems in the sack. 
7 Ways He Is Using You
In a parasitic relationship, people use other people to get what the…
How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: 5 Pointers
My BFF gets an awesome new job ... which makes me feel like a total screw-up. But I have some thoughts on how to stop looking at others…
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How to Be Happy--Even If You're Single (Tips from *The Happiness Project*)
Do you think being single is making you unhappy? That youd be happier if only you were in a relationship? The author of the popular blo…