Obama Just Weighed in on Republican Healthcare

A powerful statement from the former president.

Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Duckworth Is The Hope You Need Right Now

Her path to the Senate has been historic and inspiring.

The Senate Fails to Pass Any Gun Control Measures...
All proposed measures failed to receive the required 60 votes to pas…
Meet the 24 Year Old Rewriting U.S. Sexual...

Amanda Nguyen is on a mission to fix a broken system. 

New Research Shows That Female Senators Get More Shit Done Than Men (Naturally)
They're better at working together, making deals—basically kicking ass.
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French Senate Votes to Ban "Hyper-Sexualized" Child Pageants
The French have had enough with child beauty pageants.
congress productivity
Congress's Productivity Is at a Record Low
In a year filled with political debate, Congress is looking at new lows in productivity.
family planning protest
Should We Eliminate Planned Parenthood?
Will that send the message that waiting for sex is a good idea?