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6 No-Brainer Changes I Made to Be More Attractive
The very first post I ever wrote was about "The New Rich," the woman-attracting machine I wanted to turn myself into. He wouldn't analyze, wait around, or let anything get to him. He'd be smooth.
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Do Opposites Really Attract?
What makes people truly compatible?
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6 Types of Humor That Won't Work with the Ladies
Women tell me that sense of humor and ability to make them laugh is …
Why Am I Afraid of Success?
Most women tell me that sense of humor is among the most attractive …
Power Hunger: Why People Sleep With Their Boss
David Letterman is not particularly good looking, but he slept with …
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11 Ingredients to Cook Up Good Sex
Sometimes good sex feels like a really tough recipe to me. Any good cook knows he/she is only as good as the ingredients they use.
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9 Attractive Qualities Women Look for in a Guy
My friends and I have spent many a long night brainstorming that magic formula of characteristics that drives the ladies wild. It is i…
Four Easy Pieces: Four Things You Can Do To Attract Most (Nice) Guys
Ive been walking around town thinking of what I want in a girl (not in terms of physical appearance). I ended up putting together…