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Advice From Wise Old Sages (Married Guys)

The advice I get from married guys scares me. It's like they are all living as a suppressed population in a far off land, explaining rules that are laid upon their broken spirits by some powerful entity. I guess this is why my married friends see me as

5 Inconvenient Ways To Fall In Love
Does love require beating the odds, versus being convenient?
single girl alone in apartment
13 Bad Habits to Avoid if You're Single
I'm trying not to fall in these traps.
single girl alone in apartment
What's the Worst Thing About Being Single?
My experience at the wedding I attended this past weekend has illumi…
couple on couch
Do You "Let Yourself Go" When You're in a Serious...
Once you settle down, there's not as much urgency because you've got…
Are You Always in a Relationship?
My friend and I were recently discussing friends of ours that are always in relationships with no breaks in between.  The remarkable th…
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Weddings: A Great Place To Meet Ladies
This weekend I'm in Philly to be the best man at my buddy's wedding.  Weddings are one of a trilogy great places to hit on women.  The …
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6 Stereotypes Men Have About Women (Stereotypes Part II)
Women are crazy. I tried for a long time to make sense out of their actions and statements. Once I accepted that women were "crazy," i…
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When Will I Be "Ready"?
The term "ready" means that a person can function in a healthy long-term relationship. Usually, we say someone was "ready" when he or …