Kim Cattrall calls SJP insensitive for bringing up SATC3 in the same week Cattrall's brother died

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Kim Cattrall Responds to SJP's 'SATC3' Comments

Cattrall let loose following the death of her brother.

'SATC' Writer Defends Carrie's Spending

"I like my money where I can see it—hanging in my closet."

50 Things You Never Knew About 'Sex and the City'

SJP almost wasn't Carrie Bradshaw. 😱

Samantha Jones Might Get Her Own SATC Spin-Off

Kim Cattrall basically just confirmed it.

A Ranking of Every Guy Carrie Bradshaw Dated

All 28 of them.

Sarah Jessica Parker Almost Bailed on 'Sex and the City'

She had *commitment issues*

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Another Actor Almost Played Mr. Big on 'Sex and the City'

Can you imagine anyone but Chris Noth? 

10 'Sex and the City' Secrets You Never Knew

Straight from Sarah Jessica Parker herself.

Why Carrie and Mr. Big Were Never Supposed to End Up Together

According to the 'Sex and the City' creator. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Says It Was Hard "To Not Judge" Carrie Bradshaw

For that hot pink newsboy cap or...?

You Can Finally Stream Every Season of 'Sex and the City' Without Having HBO

It's almost better than a closet full of Manolos.