Somaly Mam's Story: "I Didn't Lie."
"I didn't lie. I was not silent. I had so many lives to fix. For me,…
sex trafficking
What These Amazing Women Are Doing to Stop Sex...
While it's not the norm, it does introduce a very interesting conver…
From Food Stamps to Combatting Sex Trafficking
Erin Giles' compelling story about her movement to end sex trafficki…
book cover
What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
One woman's fight against sex trafficking.
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the whistleblower
Exclusive Q&A: UN Whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac
What happens when one woman airs the UN's dirty laundry? A new book (and movie, starring Rachel Weisz) tells all.
Russian Women Saved from Sex Trafficking in the Nick of Time
Plus, find out how you can get involved in a new human trafficking public awareness campaign.
Musicians Collaborate to Combat Sex Trafficking
Sinead OConnor and Mary J. Blige Join Forces to Combat Sex Trafficking with New Single
The Body Shop Combats Child Sex Trafficking
The Body Shop is raising funds and awareness for the child sex trafficking epidemic.
Fashion Gives Back – Raising Awareness of Child Sex Trafficking
Fashion Gives Back and History Starts Now raise awareness of child trafficking.
two men helping to stop sex trafficking trade
Saving Women From Sexual Slavery
These men are helping to stop sex trafficking.
marie claire and petra nemcova party to help stop sexual slavery
MC's Event to Stop Sexual Slavery
An event to help stop sexual slavery.