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Get the Hair You Want with the Hair You Have
Just because you weren't born with your ideal mane doesn't mean you can't get it. Here, pro tips, product must-haves, and styling secrets for scoring locks you'll love and others will covet.
silver quilted bag by nicole lee
Spring Bags You'll Love to Love
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Anna Nalick Shines
Check out this new song.
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60 Bags You'll Love to Love
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Cindy Crawford 1990 (left), 2006 (right).
Is Your Makeup Aging You?
Insider tricks for looking forever young.
Beauty Runway Trends
Beauty Going To Extremes
Striking trends to suit everyone.
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Get Luscious Lips Now
Beauty News
Shopping Guide: Fall Bags
10 Best Bags: Let It Shine!
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How To Fake a Tan
When it comes to tans, faking it is the best way to go. How to get your skin from pasty to bronzed and avoid orange streaks.
velcro rollers
Dream Hair
The products you need for the hair you want
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s factor flat iron shine spray
Shine-Enhancing Hair Products
The secret to shiny locks? Keeping your hair as healthy as possible. How to up the shine factor.