single life

12 Problems Only You, the Single Friend, Understand

All the single ladies, with all the non-single friends.

The Four Skills Every Badass Single Girl Needs To...
If you're prepared, life can be worry-free
smart sexy confident women
What Type of Guy Dates Smart, Sexy, Confident...
You're the complete packagedon't settle for less in love your life.
The Height Debate: Do Men Prefer Taller or...
The stereotype that women prefer tall menor at least, taller than sh…
Why Men Cheat—Guys Tell All!
The dish you're dying to hear.
What's a Healthy Sex Life?
There's never too much.
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What Is He Really Saying?
Read between the lines.
Single Girl's Guide: Choose Your Own Adventure
You have more time to spend on you when you're by yourself. Why not take advantage of it? Six women on their brave, risky, I-can't-beli…
Meet The New (Kick-Ass, In Control) Single Girl
Ann Friedman went "deep single" after a big breakup and loves her newfound freedom.
What Does It Cost to be Single These Days?
Blowing that hard-earned paycheck on shoes and cocktails? Saving for a down payment? Best part of being single: The moneyand the decisi…
How To Build Your Own House
Instead of just buying a home, at 24, Jessica Gilmore picked up a hammer.
8 Rules to Help Deal with an Encounter with Your Ex
My friend recently lost her guy friend because of his jerky behavior during their on-again off-again romance.  Because they have mutual…
The Best And Worst Things About Being Single
This past week was National Unmarried and Singles Week. I've spent too much time admitting all of the stupid things I've done that have…