Your Official Guide to Low-Calorie Cocktails

AKA what to order at a bar that isn't as heavy as your last meal.

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Get a Fresh Start to 2010
Get smart, sexy, and stylish.
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Sexy, Strong Abs
A flat stomach can be yours: Our four-part guide to what to eat, dri…
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6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
Follow these steps to kick your metabolism into high gear and keep t…
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Your Pre-Party Meal Plan

Follow these tips to lose weight quick.

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Are Your Friends Making You Fat?
What happens when your friends' problems start making you fat?
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Eating to Score a Second Date
Everyone has an opinion on what and how we eat.
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Workout Moves for a Celebrity Body
Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reveals her slim-down plan.
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The Impact of Eating for Approval
MC examines the impact of eating to please.
The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Emotional eating.
Heroism 0, Wind Chill 19
There are a lot of insane people in New York.
Chart Your Power-Up Progress
The Marie Claire Challenge: Power Up Your Life!
How to tone your upper body on the rowing machine
How to Tone Your Upper Body
The rower isn't a wimpy workout if you know how to use it right.
Not all sushi is as skinny as the California Roll
Is Your Sushi Making You Fat?
How Virtuous Is Your Sushi?
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Make Walking More Interesting
Make Walking More Interesting
What Are Your Workout Secrets?
Tell us and you could be featured in Marie Claire
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Strategies to Get Healthy and Fit
Strategies that will improve your body
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Swimsuit Special
Call in the Amazons. The new athletic-inspired swimwear in supersleek black and white fits like a second skin. Fierce!
Make Every Workout Count More
Why you should get addicted to a heart-rate monitor
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Eat to Stay Slim
Even When You Can't Get to the Gym