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The Next Golf Great Is a 19-Year-Old Woman

"I'm going to try and embrace the moment right now."

lindsey vonn
Lindsey Vonn: "There's Always Something Higher"

Good luck to anything in this skier's way.

New Emojis Girls Play Sports

Reversing gender roles one text at a time.

The NBA's First-Ever Female Head of the Players...

Michele Roberts is your new hero.

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6 Awesome Feminist Moments from the ESPY Awards

A little bit of feel-good for your Thursday.

The 20 Best Moments for Women in 2014
Yes, Beyoncé's VMA performance made the list, but there's much more to celebrate too.
tour de france crowd
Will Women Race in the Tour de France in 2014?
Women are fighting for the chance to race in the Tour de France for the first time in the race's 100 year-history.
venus williams vs espn
Nine for IX: About Women. For Women. For Us All.

ESPN kicks off their documentary series on female athletes, Nine for IX tonight, with Venus VS.

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The Best Defense in Football
More than a decade ago, Anastasia Danias was just another lawyer at a big firm, until she jumped ship to join the legal department of t…
man with laptop
5 Weird Reasons Guys Explain Their Insanity
Just like any stupid guy, I make the mistake of generalizing women based on a few (and I mean FEW) experiences. A reader reached out to…
3 Ways to Tell If He Likes You
I've written many times about meeting women that don't cause me to go out of my way.
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Confessions of a Middle-Aged Figure Skater
Christina Han on becoming an amateur ice skater as an adult.
7 Ways to Be Independent in Your Relationship
As Independence Day approaches, I want to make sure I see beyond the beers and BBQ to remember why we are all celebrating. Independence…