Brock Turner Will Be Released from Jail on Friday

His extremely lenient sentence was cut in half due to "good behavior."

Members of Stanford's Women's Swim Team Say Brock...
"From the beginning, the women swimmers had found him to be very, ve…
Carl-Fredrik Arndt, Brock Turner
One of the Students Who Stopped Brock Turner...

"It was hard to see."

Brock Turner's Childhood Friend Apologizes for...
"I am 20 years old, and it has never been more clear to me that I st…
The Letter Brock Turner's Mom Wrote to the Judge...

The woman her son raped is not mentioned once in her plea.

Brock Turner Allegedly Photographed His Victim's Breast During Sexual Assault, Shared Images in...

Disgusting new details from the Stanford rape case emerge.

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New Documents Reveal This Isn't Brock Turner's First Arrest

Turner isn't quite as inexperienced with drugs and alcohol as he made himself out to be.

Brock Turner's Sentence Has Already Been Shortened Two Months

His infuriatingly lenient sentence just got even shorter.

Here's the Letter Brock Turner Wrote to the Judge That Got Him Such a Light Sentence
"I wish I never was good at swimming or had the opportunity to attend Stanford, so maybe the newspapers wouldn't want to write stories …
Read Stanford University's Official Statement on the Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case

"This was a horrible incident, and we understand the anger and deep emotion it has generated."

Woman Raped by Ex-Stanford Swimmer Confronts Him in Court with a Powerful Speech

"You don't know me, but you've been inside me, and that's why we're here today."