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successful women

10 Incredibly Inspirational Quotes
Advice from famously smart and fearless women to get you through anything.
20 Women Who Are Changing the Ratio
To the ceiling-smashing, see-it-to-be-it badasses spotlighted here, …
6 Women Who Will Teach You How to Be Successful
6 Women Who Will Teach You How to Be Successful
10 Things Arianna Huffington Wished She Knew In...
The influential The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington discu…
The Woman Behind the Tibi Brand
Tibi founder Amy Smilovic shares her success story.
powerful women
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22 Beauty Products Insanely Successful Career Women Use
Look and feel put together, even on the craziest days at work.
Do You Measure Up?
You thought you'd outgrown peer pressure but all these years later, you're still caving to it. Tatiana Boncompagni explores the trend …
The View From The Top
It's good to be the boss. Three powerful women share the highs, lows, and biggest surprises of their kick-ass careers.
Women on Top Awards 2011
Get to know the 16 women who are changing the world.
Michelle Christensen
The next Philippe Starck
Rachel Rojas
The next Eliot Ness
Julia Kahr
The next Warren Buffett
Mara Schiavocampo
The next Diane Sawyer
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Ruchi Sanghvi
The next Mark Zuckerberg
Hannah Pingree
The next Nancy Pelosi
Kimberly Ovitz
The next Donna Karan
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Alexa von Tobel
The next Suze Orman
Anjali Jaiswal
The next Erin Brockovich
Lena Dunham
The next Kathryn Bigelow
Sheila Callaghan
The next Wendy Wasserstein
Michelle Phan
The next Kevyn Aucoin
Shelby Knox
The next Gloria Steinem
Alex Prager
The next Annie Leibovitz
Amy Wagers
The next Marie Curie
Kellie McCoy
The next General Petraeus
Alanna Rutherford
The next Elena Kagan
Naomi Pomeroy
The next Alice Waters
jill biden
Jill Biden's Busy Life as the Second Lady
The second lady opens up about her career, her marriage to Joe, and her relationship with Michelle Obama.
Success Secrets of 30-Something Moguls
Meet three women who share what it takes to make it big in business.