Heat Wave

Summer is like a surprise houseguest: It manages to catch you unprepared every year. This season, bring it on with our head-to-toe to-do list.

anne hathaway
Best Makeup for Brunettes
Celeb colorists reveal the secret to bolder brown hair and it's all…
michelle williams
Best Makeup for Blondes
Celeb colorists reveal what makes blonde so much more fun and it's …
drew barrymore
Best Makeup for Redheads
Celeb colorists show how to make red locks pop and it's all about t…
zoe saldana
Best Makeup for Dark Hair
Celeb colorists show how to make jet-black hair shine and it's all …
summer accessories beach fashion
Get Your Skin Summer Ready
Swimwear confidence starts with sexy, glowing, sun-guarded skin. Here, the lotions and treatments that get brilliant results.
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