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Best Makeup for Dark Hair
Celeb colorists show how to make jet-black hair shine and it's all about the season's most gorgeous makeup looks.
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Makeup Ideas for Tan Skin Tones
Whether you are looking for the perfect smoky eye or a rosy blush, m…
Tanning Bed Backlash
Tanorexics, beware.
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5 New Rules of Beauty
The latest ways to look your best.
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What It Costs to Be...
From tanning to owning a pet, blogging to being a hipster here, the…
Beauty: How much is too much? tanning.
Are You Tanorexic?
Addicted literally to UV.
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Christina Aguilera
Skin: The New Status Symbol
Has the West's tanning challenged the East's belief about pale skin?
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Are You Obsessed with Tanning?
Did you ever regularly go to a tanning salon?
Summer Tan Line Trauma
There are no excuses not to blur the lines.
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