The Best Bronzers for Dark Skin

Glow on, girl.

The 8 Best Sunscreens to Layer Under Foundation

Because it's all about that base.

6 Steps to Getting the Realest Fake Tan Ever
Follow this guide for a flawless faux glow.
Death by Suntan at Age 26
For years, Glenna Kohl pursued a tan—which new research shows is far…
bikini bottom with tan lines
The Easy — and Tasty — New Way to Tan (No...
A new study promises that if you just eat some of these natural food…
Your Ultimate Summer Skin Guide
Cutting-edge sunscreens, skin-damage breakthroughs, and the truth about vitamin D.
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pale skinned celebrities
15 Years of Celebrity Skincare
From stars peddling zit zappers and foundations to tanorexics and bronzer-phobes, here's how we put our best face forward.
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Can You Erase Skin Damage?
"Is there any way to erase the damage I've done from tanning?" Jennica, Baltimore
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Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer?
Am I at risk for skin cancer if I have medium-dark skin, tan easily, and have never burned?
Beauty: How much is too much? tanning.
Are You Tanorexic?
Addicted literally to UV.
woman with sunglasses and ace bandages wrapped around her face and neck
Beauty Excess: How Much Is Too Much?
Over-bleaching, over-tweezing, over-Botoxing
Christina Aguilera
Skin: The New Status Symbol
Has the West's tanning challenged the East's belief about pale skin?
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paris hilton
Are You Obsessed with Tanning?
Did you ever regularly go to a tanning salon?