You Can Now Download Shows on Netflix

Your holiday travel just got a major upgrade.

Orange Is the New Black
Sharing Your Netflix Password Is Now a Crime

So don't be surprised if your roommate cuts you off soon.

Snapchat Just Added Animated 3D Emojis to Make...

Major 🔑.

An iPhone App Can Now Tell You If You're Pregnant

But um, does this mean you have to pee on your phone?

There's a Deeply Scientific Reason That Siri's...

Well, this is surprising.

18 Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Health

Your device is more destructive than you think.

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15 Clever Hacks That Will Change the Way You Use Facebook
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9 Life-Changing Things You Never Knew Your MacBook Could Do
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Will Anyone Really "Own" Clothing in the Future?
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L'Oreal Is Going to Start Using 3D-Printed Skin for Product Testing
It could be a huge breakthrough for the beauty world.
How to Get a Job at Yelp
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12 Things Your Computer is Thinking About You At Work
It knows everything you're trying to hide from your co-workers.
How to Summer-Proof Your Phone
A few tools can protect you from disaster.
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The 13 Stages of Emotional Torture When You Leave Your Phone at Home
It's like Instagram is a faint, distant memory.
samsung tv unveiled at fashion week
These Gadgets Could Help You Score a Promotion
Staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest gadgets wont just keep you connected, it could help you score a promotion!
katie linendoll of the today show
A Girl's Guide to Staying Organized
Clad with a gold iPhone 5S and pink 5C (perks to the job!) technology guru and "Today" show contributor Katie Linendoll shares her favo…
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randi zuckerberg
The Day I Went Viral
Social media's newest manners maven Randi Zuckerberg opens up about her biggest Facebook gaffe.
Cheating Boyfriend? Readers Share Their Sneakiest Snooping Moments
In a technology-filled world, the temptation to read your man's Facebook messages or snoop through his texts his overwhelming. But are …
facebook introduces hashtags
Welcome to #Facebook, Hashtags!
The wait is over—Facebook has officially introduced hashtag support!