The Get-Ahead Grin
Could teeth be getting in the way of your success? MC Beauty Director Erin Flaherty explores the challenges of an imperfect smile, and shares why she finally decided to do something about it
Garlic Lovers, Get Kissable!
Fear not coffee drinkers, garlic lovers and unapologetic foodies, Cr…
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Top 5 Smile-Boosters
Want a perfect smile? Or at least a brighter one? Try our picks for …
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Instant Post-Beach Beauty Fixes
Now that summer is almost over, how will you do away with streaky sk…
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5 Steps to a Brighter Smile
A top dentist shares her secrets to whitening your teeth throughout …
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7 Things You Don't Know About Green Tea
Surprising uses for green tea.
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Protect Your Teeth Against Over-Whitening
These days, cosmetic dentistry is all about the Great White Way.