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What's Your Worst Date Story?
We want the details, so write in and tell all!
beta male standing behind alpha female in suit
Has the Recession Changed Your Relationship?

Tell us your story and you could be featured in the magazine.

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Who Makes You Laugh?
Funny women are having a moment as great female comedians are poppin…
woman in pink dress holding gift wrapped in green with purple ribbon
What Is the Worst Gift You've Ever Gotten?
Tell us your worst gift stories.
model with cash register
Could There Be an Upside to the Recession?
Tell us if you've found a positive in these economic times.
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What's Your Favorite Beauty Product?
What are your favorite makeup, skincare, hair, and body products?
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Out of Work? Tell Us Your Story
Out of work and decided to travel instead of finding a new job?
How Do You Get Your Boss's Attention?
Tell us your story and you may be featured in the magazine!
woman sleeping
Do You Need a Sleep Makeover?
Tell us your story and you may be featured in the magazine!
woman with her shirt half off touching man's chest
What Makes Women Cheat?
What makes women cheat?
what is sexy
Ask The Beauty Editor
Share your sexiest ideas.
Suggest a Celebrity Hairstyle
Suggest a Celebrity Hairstyle...
wedding cake toppers
Tell Us How He Proposed!
We want to know how he popped the question.
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What Are Your Workout Secrets?
Tell us and you could be featured in Marie Claire