Quebec Mosque Shooting Suspect Is Pro-Trump

Alexandre Bissonnette has been charged with six counts of murder.

Brussels police
10 Suspected Terrorists Have Been Arrested After...
Three countries have arrested terror suspects, one who may have been…
Watch Adele's Moving Tribute to Brussels

It'll make you laugh and cry, which is Adele's specialty.

Confirmed: The Terrorist Who Planned the Paris...
Abdelhamid Abaaoud was among two people who died in a pre-dawn raid …
A Terrifying New ISIS Video Announces Plans to...
Days after its horrific assault on Paris, ISIS promised more attacks…
Malika Found Guilty
Last year, we met and spoke with terrorist Malika el Aroud, described by authorities as an "al Qaeda living legend." Today, she was con…
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Solving the Murder of Danny Pearl
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The Relationship Advisory System
I don't know about you, but I'm reporting suspicious activity regardless of what the Homeland Security Advisory System states. Whether…
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The FBI's Most Wanted Woman
Is Aafia Siddiqui a vicious terrorist or the victim of extreme identity theft?