How to Trim Your Own Bangs Like a Pro

Because looking like you got into a fight with a weed-whacker is never ideal.

paris hilton dressed as a sexy bunny
25 Things Not to Do on Halloween
Hilarious tips for the holiday.
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Zit-Zapping Tips from the Pros
How to zap those zits quick.
woman in a white shirt and skirt and black belt in front of google's renewable energy panels at the google campus in california
Fashion for the Office
Searching for clothes that won't quit at the office?
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101 Style Ideas for the Weekend
Feel-good knits, lightweight anoraks, and khaki, the season's hottes…
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Put It In Neutral: The Khaki Trend
Start your year by shifting gears
10 Best Beauty Products
Quick Makeup Tricks and Tips
Think Fast
Classic suits for a day at the office
The Guide to Getting Ahead
The game of life? Win it.
The Investment Diaries
How to protect what you've got
Career Fashion
Get Ahead at Work Tips
We are so over . . .
Fashion Road Test: The Crop
Are You Ready for the Crop?
Fall's new must-have accessory.
10 Best Fashion
10 Best Fashion Under $100
Black-and-white houndstooth (now in supersize!)
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Fashion: Who Wears the Pants?; Top, $1600, pants, $1100, hat, $915, belt, $1250, gloves, Marc Jacobs.
The Best Fall Pants for You
Who wears the pants?
What to Wear for a Birthday Bash; 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Fashion: What to Wear for a Party
Let's get this party started.
elizabeth taylor
Hollywood Beauty Trends
Actress-influenced looks on fall's fashion runways
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The Botox Debate: Does it age you?
Botox Makes You Look Older?
Wrinkle-reducing wonder drug or freaky facial poison?
white purse
What to Wear for Working 9 to 5
Paging Mary Tyler Moore...
woman in blue top black skirt wide belt
Fashion Basics Under $500
101 Ideas (Under $500) for work & play.