24 Life-Changing Ways to Store Your Beauty...
Store hairspray in a wine rack, display perfume on a cake tray, and …
create nail art
20 Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails
Spray PAM to dry your nails, use glue to remove glitter polish, and …
25 Life-Changing Ways to Use Q-tips
Fix eyeliner mistakes, erase under-eye bags, and more!
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Fashion: Who Wears the Pants?; Top, $1600, pants, $1100, hat, $915, belt, $1250, gloves, Marc Jacobs.
The Best Fall Pants for You
Who wears the pants?
elizabeth taylor
Hollywood Beauty Trends
Actress-influenced looks on fall's fashion runways
My Chemist's Romance: Stuck in town with island fever? Splash on any one of GapBody's new Bath + Skin scents, whose tropical-colored infusions come in sleek, modern apothecary bottles. Occasionally, I like to mix light scents; IslandHop, a sweet infusion of coconut water and hibiscus, and SugarSnap, which smells of fresh pear flower and musk, really go great together.
Beauty Obsessions and Confessions
The buzz in beauty from our editor's lips to yours.
Tricks For Travel
Beauty Tricks for Travel
Destination: gorgeous!
Ask The Beauty Editor
Got questions? We've got answers.
How to Plant a Window Garden
No backyard? No problem. Plant a window garden in these three simple steps.
How To Complain About Bad Service
How to Complain About Bad Service and Get Results
Janelle Barlow, author of "A Complaint Is a Gift," dishes on how to complain effectively.
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model in vintage jewelry
How To Shop For Vintage Jewelry
How to shop for vintage jewelry like a pro
jar of prevage anti aging cream
10 Things Not to Do in Bed
Based on suggestions found in other magazines.
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woman walking on beach
Look Better by Tomorrow
Get a flaunt-worthy physique with these quick-fix tricks that actually work.