two-minute date

Two-Minute Date: James McAvoy Gets Frisky
"If I were on a date with one of your readers, I'd declare, 'Let's go ice-skating!'" says McAvoy. "At some point, I'd definitely try to feel her up, and we'd have dinner."
Two-Minute Date: Paul Bettany
"I'm a European," Bettany laments of being denied beer, cheese, and …
jason shcwartzman
Two Minute Date with Jason Schwartzman
The weirdly normal Jason Schwartzman.
Our Lover's Quarrel with Ewan McGregor
Our two-minute date with Ewan McGregor.
adrien brody
Two Minute Date with Adrien Brody
From that smooch he planted on Halle Berry to his misbegotten dream …