Watch Famous Dance Scenes from '80s Movies

It'll make you want to move your body.

What's Happening with YouTuber Marina Joyce
Fans have been concerned about the teen since she appeared to whispe…
This Is What History Would Look Like Without Men
A powerful portrayal of women's role in history, and an inspiring re…
Watch an Engaged Couple Ask Each Other: "What Are...

"Obviously I'm not a dishonest person, but..."

Why Starbucks Can't Spell Your Name!
This hilarious video reveals why Starbucks always spells your name wrong! Check it out now!
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ellen page
Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech Will Make You Cry
The actress received a standing ovation when she stood at a podium and told the world, "I am gay."
super bowl ads
The Best Super Bowl 48 Commercials for Women
How nice to see ads featuring strong, kickass women.
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Kate Middleton Like You've NEVER Seen Her
The young Duchess of Cambridge stole the show and we're obsessed.
An Ode to The Cosby Show and Its Glorious Fashion
And a special thanks to Olivia, the effing cutest tot to ever hit the silver screen.
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Drew Barrymore
WATCH: Behind the Scenes with Drew Barrymore
Catch a behind-the-scenes look at our February cover shoot starring Drew Barrymore!
Project Runway All Stars Sneak Peek!
There's just one episode left before the finale!
prince william
Prince William Like You've Never Seen Him
The young prince's first interview is adorable, to say the least.
christmas story
10 Things You Didn't Know About A Christmas Story
Your favorite holiday movie, in detail.
Tech Savvy Women Rejoice!
Beyoncé, Salma Hayek, and Ben Affleck are just a few of the celebs calling all women who code. Find out why.
The Real Reason for Paul Walker's Death
Big questions remain surrounding the car crash that led to the actor's death.
WATCH: House of Cards Sneak Peek!
Rejoice! The official trailer for the second season of the Netflix hit has been released!
victoria's secret models lip sync to taylor swift songs in new ad for the fashion show extravaganza
The BEST Glee Holiday Songs
Feeling festive? Get into the holiday spirit with these uplifting covers.
Fashion's Classiest Collaboration Yet
"What's old is new and what's new is old."
Miley Cyrus takes us on the road.