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How Companies Are Speaking Out About Equal Pay

I guess it's something?

Good to Know: Women Make More Money Than Men in...

Update that res.

A State-by-State Analysis of How Underpaid Women...
Based on this calendar, there are months when you're effectively wor…
Fox News Guest Insists Women "Would Be Much...
So. Much. Rage.
global wage gap
It Will Take 81 Years to Close The Gender Wage Gap
Not in this lifetime, ladies.
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It's Another Kind of Equal Pay Day
Time to close the gap.
Is This The Way To Mandate Equal Pay?
Oh Canada, you're doing equal pay right.
There's a Pay Gap in the White House, Too
There's more work to do.
marissa mayer
Women CEOs Experience Less Pay Gap
But the climb to the top isn't so easy.
pay gap
6 Surprising Reasons You're Being Paid Less Than a Man
6 Surprising Reasons You're Being Paid Less Than a Man
female construction worker
How Does Your Job Measure Up?
Not every woman is losing out when it comes to her paychecksee what industries are headed towards eliminating the pay gap.
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washington dc best city for working women
The State-to-State Reason the Pay Gap Affects You
Get ready to tweet your senator.
Oops! Watch Out for the Gap In Your Career
Why your company must take ownership to solve the disparity in wages between men and women
equal pay
This State is Prioritizing Equal Pay
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president obama
How the GOP's Block of the Minimum Wage Bill Hurts Women
The face of the minimum wage worker in the U.S. isn't a lawn-mowing teenage boy.
The Case for Women Who "Opt Out" of Careers for Families
Why should we all be concerned about women who leave jobs behind to raise their children?