How Do You Feel About Banning Women from Combat?
Brave women serve in every branch of the military, and go to war just like guys do but technically, the military bans them from combat.
afghanistan dispatch bullet proof vests
Dispatch from Afghanistan: Imprisoned Women and...
Still, it's not all bad news from the war front.
lynndie england
Lynndie England : A Soldier's Tale
The face of Abu Ghraib.
Hair Is Back, But Is It Still Relevant?
The recession of 2009 may not be the Age of Aquarius, all leather ve…
kimberly rivera awol soldier
"Why I Went AWOL"
She defends her decision to flee.
Mad Money
I just read that the war in Iraq is a main cause of the countrys economic mess
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Kenya: Paradise Lost
When I came to Kenya four years ago I expected to be covering wars in other countries, never my own.
liberian children
Liberia — Looking Back and Looking Ahead
How the rewards outweighed the risks
tammy tibbetts with liberian orphans
Life in Liberia — Up Close at the Orphanage
How the rewards outweighed the risks
monrovia's waterfront market
My Week in Liberia
How the rewards outweighed the risks
female soldiers
Life as a Female Soldier
Life on the front lines involves stuff men never have to think about.
kristi mccay with her infant child and two dogs
The Wives of Our Soldiers
Love is a battlefield
two men carrying child
Where Are These Children of War?
Children of U.S. soldiers in vietnam.
Tammy Duckworth
Interview With Tammy Duckworth
Former Army Major Tammy Duckworth lost both her legs when Iraqi insurgents launched a grenade at the Black Hawk helicopter she was copi…
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Kandahar's Top Cop is a Woman
Fear is not an option.
Children In Armed Conflict
More than 2 million children have been killed in armed conflicts; another 6 million are permanently disabled. More than 250,000 childre…