wedding guests

The Single Girl's Wedding Survival Guide

Lessons from a decade of wedding-going.

The 4 Guests You Will Begrudgingly Encounter at...
From the author of this month's Save the Date (Riverhead), Jen Doll …
william van cutsem with prince harry and prince william
The Hottest Royal Wedding Guests
Prince William has some cute friends who are invited to the big day.…
wedding guest sitting and eating
How to Deal When Someone Asks, "You EVER Getting...
Restrain yourself from kicking Aunt Clara in the shin. Use one of th…
man and woman on a date woman is pulling on man's tie
Wedding Hook Ups: 3 Reasons
The dangers of reception romances.
the marie claire wedding survival guide
Nuptials 911 Cheat Sheet
Your no-fail cheat sheet for how to handle the biggest wedding disasters.
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