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Bride Holds Auction To Choose Her Bridesmaids

The worst bridezilla story going once, going twice…sold!

You Have to See How Insane This Billionaire's $2 Million Wedding Was

The cake is bigger than most people's apartments.

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The Single Girl's Wedding Survival Guide

Lessons from a decade of wedding-going.

The 18 Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses We've Ever Seen

Ashlee Simpson got married in a crop top.

10 Reasons Your Wedding Dress Looks Cheap
Even if you are shopping with a limited budget, your wedding dress is still probably the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever…
Cotton Bride
Meet the Cotton Bride
A new spin on a classic.
Wedding Cakes Through History
From royals to rock stars—13 of our favorite wedding cakes through history.
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couple getting married in the park
I Did It My Way (But I Almost Caved)
The unexpected challenges of planning a nontraditional wedding
The 4 Guests You Will Begrudgingly Encounter at Every Wedding
From the author of this month's Save the Date (Riverhead), Jen Doll gives us a field guide to the attendees you will find at every nupt…
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What To Wear To A Garden Wedding
Reflect your surroundings with botanical prints and muted tones.
zac posen wedding dress
Marry on the Cheap: Zac Posen Launches Affordable Bridal Line
Zac Posen's designer bridal gowns get a price drop: He's launching a new line for David's Bridal!
What to Wear to a Wedding
We've pulled together your best bets for every scenario.
kim kardashian and kris humphries
Marriage Prep
What changes in the transition from committed relationship to married life?
ivanka trump
Ivanka Trump's Foray into Sustainable Bling
The heiress has launched a bridal ring collection with responsibly sourced stones.
The Rise of Groomzillas
Men are taking over weddings scrutinizing seating charts, agonizing over color schemes, and vetoing bridal gowns.
Have You Ever Had A Broken Heart?
My heart was broken once. 
wedding cake toppers
What Scares You Most About Marriage?
After my little sister's beautiful wedding in the Wine Country of Long Island, New York, I'm considering the scariest element of marria…
Male Vs. Female Stress in Relationships
Add my laid-back personality to the list of items that are keeping me single.
wedding bands
Is There a Wrong Way to Propose?
A young woman recently emailed me about her boyfriend who proposed to her during sex. 
Labors of Love: 6 Sacrifices We Make for Significant Others
One of the many reasons I am still single is because I don't make those little sacrifices.
coco rocha and james conran
MC Cheatsheet: Coco Rocha's Epic Wedding Video Makes Us Swoon
Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.
single girl alone in apartment
What's the Worst Thing About Being Single?
My experience at the wedding I attended this past weekend has illuminated what is the most annoying/painful thing about being single.