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What I Love About Me: New Orleans, LA
If beads and beignets don't lure you to the Big Easy, these sweet Southern smiles will.
amanda mays
What I Love About Me: Park City, UT
When it comes to standing out on the slopes, these stunners have it …
katie zaborski
What I Love About Me: Columbus, OH
On the clean-cut Midwest streets of Ohio, these natural beauties pro…
monroe steele
What I Love About Me: Nationwide Contest Winners
We asked for your online entries, and hundreds of you delivered. Mee…
girl in d.c.
What I Love About Me: Washington, D.C.
In our nation's capital, these fun-loving fashionistas stand out.
sheryll ramos
What I Love About Me: Jersey Shore
These sunny Jersey boardwalkers prove they're class acts not a Snooki pouf in sight.
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lauren dumler
What I Love About Me: Santa Barbara, CA
These beachy babes sizzled on the streets of sunny, Southern Cali.
claire masingill
What I Love About Me: Charleston, SC
The belles of Charleston won us over with their Southern charm and style.
beautiful women in dubai
What I Love About Me: Dubai
Even with the local economy cooling, it's still plenty hot in Dubai, the most modern, multiculti metropolis in the Arab Emirates.
beautiful women in london england
What I Love About Me: London, England
We're keen on the edgy, vintage-obsessed lasses of London a.k.a. Kate Moss's homegirls.
girl in tank top
What I Love About Me: San Diego
These SoCal beauties make San Diego that much sunnier.
avon breast cancer walk houston texas
What I Love About Me: Houston, TX
The big-hearted women of Houston, TX, chatted us up at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.