celebrities wearing white


Winter White: 5 Celebs Do it Right
Whether you opt for a casual look a la Rosie Huntington Whitely, or prefer feminine lace like Jessica Alba, white-on-white works just as well in winter as the warmer months.
Winter Whites
From beauty products to accessories, white is the chicest shade to r…
spring fashion pale colored fashion
Neutral Is the New Black
Welcome this spring's understatement pieces.
model in windblown striped transparent dress over swimsuit
Cruise Control: Nautical Looks
Full speed ahead as designers steer nautical in some racy directions…
black open toe high heel with gold jewels at toe
Shady Lady: Gorgeous Work Wear
Suit up like the slick chicks of '50s film noir - in black and white…
woman with dark lipstick white teeth and light shining on her face
Protect Your Teeth Against Over-Whitening
These days, cosmetic dentistry is all about the Great White Way.
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Great Style Has Never Been So Easy
Black, White & Chic All Over
These graphic looks are ideal wardrobe staples
Christina Aguilera
Skin: The New Status Symbol
Has the West's tanning challenged the East's belief about pale skin?
Music: what to listen to this month
Music: What to Listen to Now
Your monthly crib notes. Take that, music snobs . . .
How to whiten your eyes
How To Brighten Your Eyes
Beauty advice from the Marie Claire experts
blond ponytail
Hair Trends: Erasing Ethnicity
Has the craze for a more Westernized look sparked a global crisis?
Aishwarya Rai
Are Blue Eyes Better?
Has the craze for a more Westernized look sparked a global crisis?
Double eyelid surgery.
Special Beauty Report: Erasing Ethnicity
The desire for American beauty.
kenosha robinson
Black Woman, White Skin
Her parents were black, but she looks white.
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model wearing white shorts and white blouse
Spring's Key Color: Soft White
Simple and elegant fashion