The 12 Best Beauty Gifts to Buy ASAP

Sorry, mom—your gift got, uh, lost in the mail.

How the Caregiver Crisis Is Preventing Us from...
Women hold two-thirds of the jobs in the lowest paying fields—and it…
SMH: A Female CEO Is Saying Women Can't Be...
They apparently do not disqualify the CEO herself from a leadership …
The 20 Best Moments for Women in 2014
Yes, Beyoncé's VMA performance made the list, but there's much more …
women soldiers fighting isis
These Remarkable Women Are Fighting ISIS. It's...
These Remarkable Women Are Fighting ISIS. It's Time You Know Who The…
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feisty dictionary
What If There Was a Dictionary of Words Used Only to Describe Women?
It would make an awfully thick volume indeed.
19th amendment
14 Things Women Couldn't Do in 1920
In honor of the 19th Amendment, ratified 96 years ago today!
Why Clueless is Important For Women
It's way existential.
saudi arabia women
The Most Ridiculous Sexist Laws Across the Globe
We're not kidding with these.
woman in business meeting
It's Time to Stop Apologizing
The 10 Countries Where It's THE WORST to be a Woman
Prepare to be shocked and outraged.
girl college princeton 1970s princetonian
10 Things Every "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" Should Know By 21
How to start on the road to Grown-A*s Womanville. (Hint: Clean your damn room.)
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ballet instagram
Ballerinas are Taking Over Instagram and We're Totally Okay With That
Dancing all over cities across the world
20 Women to Watch in Politics in 2014
Wendy Davis isn't the only one who could make history.
shut up or pay up
Shut Up or Pay Up?
A hospital in Zimbabwe has a high demand for women: silence.
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shopping not as therapeutic as you think
It's The Fashion Thought That Counts
Craving a dose of retail therapy to ease the pain of a bad day? New research shows that a desire to spend may be all you need.
lori virbure
What I Love About Me: New Orleans, LA
If beads and beignets don't lure you to the Big Easy, these sweet Southern smiles will.
amanda mays
What I Love About Me: Park City, UT
When it comes to standing out on the slopes, these stunners have it on lock.