skip bath bombs experts say

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Why You Might Want to Stop Using Bath Bombs

Your bath will smell heavenly, but your lady parts might not.

Rumors I Heard About My Body: Is My Period Weird?

Newsflash: Most women's cycles aren't exactly 28 days long.

5 Life-Changing Revelations About Women and Body...

Seriously feel-good stuff you need to know now.

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This Act Could Put an End to Anti-Abortion Legislation
Women's right to choose is constantly at stakeā€”but this might the solution.
Health News

You've been hearing about the Affordable Care Act for years, but its benefits for women are just now starting to roll in.

irish parliament abortion
Victory For Reproductive Rights in Ireland
History is made in Ireland with the passing of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act into law.
fairfax abortion clinic closes
Virginia's Busiest Abortion Clinic Shuts Its Doors
The women's health clinic in Virginia that has performed more abortions than any other in the state has closed.
zimbabwe woman with baby
Ridiculous News of the Day: Zimbabwean Hospital Charging Women Per Scream During Childbirth
A hospital in Zimbabwe is making women pay up for every scream during childbirth.
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ireland's abortion debate
Women's Rights Overseas: The Abortion Battle in Ireland
The debate over abortion in Ireland stays heated as lawmakers debate the passage of new reproductive rights bill.
kristen stewart bitchy resting face
Victims of "Bitchy Resting Face," You're Not Alone
"Bitchy resting face" is no joke. And some women are taking drastic measures to fix it.
pregnant woman at work
MC Reports: The Battle for Maternity Rights Overseas
As in the United States, pregnant women in the United Kingdom struggle for their maternity rights.
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breast cancer preventative drugs
U.K. and U.S. Encourage the Use of Breast Cancer Preventative Drugs
Taking a cue from the United States, the United Kingdom is now recommending the use of daily pills for breast cancer prevention.
trent franks abortion ban
Next Step: Trent Franks' Abortion Bill Passes in the House
The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would prohibit abortions post-20 weeks, passes through the House yesterday.
victoria's secret about-face protest
Victoria's Secret Protesters Bare Their Souls (And More)
A body image group bares (almost) all to protest Victoria's Secret's portrayal of women's bodies.
pregnant workers lack protection
Startling Statistics: 42 States Don't Offer Accommodations for Pregnant Workers
In 42 states across America, the needs of pregnant workers are falling through the cracks.
New IVF Development, the Eeva Test, Welcomes First Baby
The world's first baby born was born this week in Scotland through the use of Eeva, a new IVF development.
Morning-After Pill News: Officially Available Over-the-Counter for 15 and Older
The nationwide morning-after pill discussion continued late yesterday as the Food and Drug Administration ruled that the next-day birth…
reasons to go gluten free
Dr. Lipman on the Evils of Gluten
The man behind the Be Well cleanse explains the science behind the gluten-free craze, and the benefits giving up grains.
Milking It
Dairy alternatives have cropped up faster than you can say "vegan cupcake." But are they healthier?
facebook and donate life america organ donor partnership campaign
Current Facebook Status: Organ Donor
Thanks to the social network's partnership with Donate Life America, changing someone's life just got easier.
gel manicure neon orange silver lindsay leff hands
Are Gel Manicures Worth the Risk?
Before jumping on gel manicure bandwagon, Lindsay Leff wondered, is all that UV light exposure safe for hands?
cooler cleanse salma hayek juices
Testing Out the Cooler Cleanse
Lindsay Leff tries out the Cooler Cleanse, and despite her "love/love relationship" with food, notices positive changes.
juice cleanse juicer
Why My Juice Cleansed Failed

Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty reflects on why her juice cleanse didn't work out.

Who Runs the World? Girls!
Tara Suri reflects on her time in Sierra Leone in her last blog post, describing her reinvigorated dedication to advance women's health…