How Kat Cole Went from Hooters Girl to Running a Billion-Dollar Brand

The rise of a self-made American woman.

sheryl sandberg
Sheryl Sandberg Sets A New Goal For Facebook
And it's got everything to do with gender diversity.
Can't Stand Your Coworker? Now You Can Tell Him...
A new email service will either make things better or WAY worse.
12 Stationery Sets for Every Successful Woman
Pen and paper never go out of style.
office colleagues
5 Ways to Handle a Difficult Colleague
"Shiny, happy people holding hands" — R.E.M.
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mad men
5 Easy Ways to Get a Raise at Work
Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money.
10 Books Every 20-Something Should Read

Living on your own? Starting your first job? Now what?

sheryl sandberg
This Is What a Real Working Woman Looks Like
And now there's a whole digital library dedicated to them.
sheryl sandberg
There's Another Facebook Movie Coming Soon
The book written by the latest female billionaire is hitting the big screen.
The Job Every Fashion Girl Dreams About
We took a peek inside the gorgeous offices of Elizabeth Tuke, PR Manager for The, and discovered that success and fabulous …
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snap judgment
Snap Judgment
Your LinkedIn profile is seven times more likely to be viewed if it includes a headshot. Here's how to nail the perfect professional pi…
Science Reveals Fridays are Unproductive
Feeling like you've already checked-out of the office and it's not even 3pm yet? Science shows that you're not alone.
power networking
7 Secrets of Power Networking
Your next job will likely come by way of a contact, so you better start mingling.
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Do You Have Executive Presence?
You're smart, driven, and good at what you do. But that alone won't be enough to score you a promotion or corner office.
Strictly Business
Every office staple needs the occasional remodeling. Roomy trousers, cutaway collars, and rigid blocks of color increase the value of o…
chelsea handler marie claire at work
Chelsea Handler is Everywhere
How the audaciously funny Chelsea Handler parlayed a successful cable talk show into a money-minting media empire. And she's only just…
woman in office
The New-Boss Survival Guide
You loved your old manager, but now there's a new person in charge and how you handle that transition could make or break your career.
How Much Should Your Coworkers Know About You?
Just because you share everything a boss, a printer, a mutual loathing for the office suck-up doesn't make you besties. Some secrets …
devil wears prada
Is Your Boss a Bully?
She assigns you the worst projects, favors your colleagues, even slams your appearance. Demanding, yes, but has your boss crossed the l…
mommy at work
How "Mommy" Can You Be at Work?
You're the boss' go-to gal on key projects, eleventh-hour fixes, and the firm's most important clients. The trick to staying on top: Do…
cecile richards
Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Speaks Out
What's it like running an organization in the crosshairs of politicians, rabid opposition, and even the Supreme Court? For Cecile Richa…
woman sitting at office chair with tissues in her lap and surrounding her on the floor
Are Women Too Emotional at Work?
Now that women make up the bulk of the workforce, should we brace ourselves for more tears at the office?
book cover
Exclusive Q&A: Publicist and Author Jessica Kleiman on Selling Yourself
Looking to advance your career? Jessica Kleiman, PR guru and author of the forthcoming book, Be Your Own Best Publicist, shares importa…
woman sitting in an empty office
Websurfing at Work Is Good for You
A new study suggests there's no harm and plenty of benefit in hitting up Facebook or Twitter on the job.
Breaking: Hottie Banker Got Double D Implants, "Wants to Be Famous"
We fully supported Debrahlee Lorenzana's sexual harassment case, until we saw this shocking video.
Does Being Beautiful Mean You Can't Be Taken Seriously at Work?
The scandalous case of former Citibank employee Debrahlee Lorenzana is a prime example of female injustice in the workplace.