working women

How Wearing All Black to Work Saved My Career

My uniform secret.

Working for a Female Boss Makes You More Excited...
Sorry, male managers.
beyond borders
Beyond Borders
A little-known piece of immigration legislation is leaving the futur…
snap judgment
Snap Judgment
Your LinkedIn profile is seven times more likely to be viewed if it …
made in new york
Women-Run Startups That are Ruling the City
With more women-run startups than anywhere else in America (that inc…
power networking
7 Secrets of Power Networking
Your next job will likely come by way of a contact, so you better start mingling.
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Tell the World You're Going Places With These Status Symbols
Tell the world you're clearly going places with these totally-worth-it accoutrements.
The High-Performer's Cheat Sheet
The 10 rarely-discussed-but-totally-essential career skills they don't teach in business schooland expert advice on how to nail them.
women working
Female Breadwinners Don't See a Wage Drop After Having Kids
Want to raise your personal income after you've become a mom? Marrying rich isn't the way to do it.
Is Corporate Culture Missing Out On Millennial Women?
This just in: The millennial woman is not seeking stressful, high-powered positions she is cultivating her talents at her home office…
i love lucy
Culture Archive: The Hardest-Working Women in Pop Culture History
From 'I Love Lucy's namesake to Erin Brokovich, we compiled the gutsiest and most boundary-pushing working girls from the big and small…
When Alpha Girls Divorce
Heather Hostetter, one of D.C.'s top divorce attorneys, reveals how she helps working women protect their hard-earned assets.
Why Kirsten Gillibrand Wants You to Run for Office
The number of women in Congress has declined for the first time in decades. The junior senator from New York wants to change that.
mika brzezinski
Mika Brzezinski Speaks: How Getting Fired Saved My Career
Before finding her place as co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, the correspondent was fired. She dissects her unlikely comeback.
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woman at work
How Far Women Have Come in the Workplace: Not Good Enough?
A new study shows part time work might be the only viable option for women to surpass men.
turner and hooch, 1989
Working Women of the Movies
Pop in one of these cinematic classics starring kick-ass career gals who broke the rules and succeeded. Use that for motivation.
Searching for clothes that won't quit at the office? Type in keywords: precision tailoring, authoritative colors, shine. Photographed at Google headquarters, Mountain View, CA.
The Women at Google
Check out this pic! Google's lineup of women execs proves that pocket protectors are no longer emblematic of this industry.
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