husband with mother and daughter wives
My Mom and I Share the Same Husband
A mother and daughter having sex with the same man may sound hard to…
gop ad say yes to the dress
Is This The Most Condescending Political Ad Ever?
Women are obsessed with marriage, so picking a political candidate i…
university of alabama
Racist Photo Sent in Wake of Sorority Rush at...
University of Alabama and national chapter of the sorority in questi…
This Act Could Put an End to Anti-Abortion...
Women's right to choose is constantly at stakeā€”but this might the so…
Yet Another Blow to Birth Control Coverage
The Supreme Court's latest decision will limit a key benefit for women.
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California Audit Finds Universities Are Failing Students Who Are Sexually Assaulted
State auditor report says colleges must do more to prevent, respond to, and resolve incidents of rape and sexual assault on campus.
College Professors Punished for Speaking Out Against Campus Rape
Instructors at several schools say when it comes to sexual assault on campus, many on campus would rather they stay out of it.
northwestern university campus building
Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Speak Out
Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Speak Out
pakistani workers help children
Pakistani Workers Risk Death to Give Children a Shot at Life
Pakistani Workers Risk Death to Give Children a Shot at Life
women graffiti artists
These Women Graffiti Artists Are Changing Egypt
These Women Graffiti Artists Are Changing Egypt
The 6 Toughest Single Women in Film
Don't mess with these strong female leads.
Into Africa
Driven by equal parts passion and ambition, young Americans are taking a career path less traveled to Rwanda, turning life experience i…
My Life in a Cult
Author Lauren Drain speaks out about picketing U.S. solders' funerals and praising the terrorist attacks of September 11 as a teen memb…
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Green Queens: The Leading Ladies of Marijuana
Marijuana is going mainstream, and now women are active in all areas of the industry, too. They're lobbyists and pols working to reform…
Where the Boys Are
In China, a cultural preference for boys has created such a severe gender imbalance that unmarried men will soon outnumber unmarried wo…
Running in Heels
Attention, political junkies: 2012 is a record year for female candidates. Meet the women to watch (and vote for) this campaign season.
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The Political Vag-Enda
In her latest book, Vagina: A New Biography, feminist Naomi Wolf takes a look at our nation's latest hot-button topic: lady parts.
Psychics 2.0
Savvy professional women seeking insight on love, career, and money matters are investing serious cash in future-predicting "intuitives…
How Pissed Off Are Republican Women?
The Republican Party's "war on women" is one of the biggest political stories of the year. So are female GOP voters standing by their p…
woman and baby
Sex for Diesel
For many impoverished young women who live in the remote villages of brazil's Amazon River, passing cargo ships are their only link to …
pregnant woman
Are Pregnant Women's Rights at Risk?
If an expectant mother survives a suicide attempt but her fetus doesn't, is it murder? That question is at the center of a controversia…
The Modern Motherhood Conflict
In a controversial new book, firebrand French philosopher Elisabeth Badinter argues that modern motherhood is a throwback to the pastan…
Who to Ask Why Women Pay More
Drop your local governor or member of Congress a line demanding a federal law outlawing gender pricing. We've posted all of their conta…
I Had No Idea My Husband Was a Rapist

How Joy Lynn Bruce learned the shocking truth.

A Tragic Baby Boom
After the 2010 earthquake, births in urban Haiti skyrocketed. Part of the reason? Rape babies.
chinese reality tv
The Ax Factor: Reality TV Crackdowns
Why Communist China is pulling the plug on the country's tasteless reality fare.
catherine hooper
Loving a Madoff
Author Laurie Sandell recounts her relationship with Bernie Madoff's son Andrew and his fiance Catherine Hooper in the aftermath of the…
The New Face of the GOP?
Why are more young women identifying themselves as Republican? We asked GOP wunderkind Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of former presi…
Girls Gone Wild: London's Female Looters
Who were the young women who joined the chaotic riots in London, looting stores and igniting cars? You'd be surprised.