Get into the holiday spirit


Home for the Holidays: Survival Guide
The no-fail survival guide to dealing with pesky relatives, healthily suppressing anger, and preserving your sanity to get through the bestand worsttime of year.
best hair products
Must-Have Products for Healthy Hair
Check out these beauty products that will help undo the damage to yo…
woman with drink
Last-Minute Slim-Down Tips
Last-minute pre-party tricks from top celebrity trainers.
what to wear to a christmas party
Style Lesson: 31 Ways to Update Your Look
Three experts on the perfect festive pieces - just in time for soire…
red and blue pills
Are Your Meds Killing Your Libido?
How pills affect your mojo - and how to get it back, stat!
green light bulbs
Easy Green: Change Your Lightbulbs
CFLs are beautiful (they look like ice-cream). They fit into three-way bulbs, emit a pleasant, "soft white" glow and are dimmable . . .…
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man and woman on a date woman is pulling on man's tie
Meet Your Dream Guy - Enter to Win!
Matchmaker Pari Livermore is setting up 1 lucky gal on 3 dates.
Myths About Your Hangover
Hangover Myths
Hangover Cures
Sexy Summer Skin
Summer Skin Care
Beauty from the Inside Out
Skin maintenance is now an inside job.
model in black slacks and suit jacket and black fedora hat
Changing Your Image
Re-invent yourself
woman standing by her collection of heels
Your Shoes Talk About You
Your shoes are big blabber-mouths.
National Jean Company Event
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woman in white hat
Establishing Your Own Style
It's easy to fall victim to fashion, especially if you read style magazines religiously. If you're a trend follower, it may be hard for…