The 8 Most Surprising Moments in ‘The Last Jedi’

The truth about Rey's parents is... unexpected.

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The long-awaited sequel to The Force Awakens is finally here. And despite the mixed reaction from fans, it's undeniable that The Last Jedi uncovered some of the longstanding mysteries viewers have been left with for the past two years. Here are some of the most surprising moments in Star Wars: Episode VIII. And, you have been warned, because there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading now.

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1 We find out who Rey's parents are.

It's long been speculated that Rey's parents are someone important in the Star Wars Universe. Many believed that Han Solo and General Leia were her mom and dad, while others theorized that Luke Skywalker was her father. However, we found out in The Last Jedi that Rey's parents abandoned her when she was a child, leaving her on Jakku. According to Kylo Ren, they traded her drinking money.

In some ways, this is a majorly disappointing revelation, as fans hoped that Rey's natural ability with the Force meant that she had familial ties to the Jedi. However, if this revelation is true, and not a red herring, then Rey is responsible for herself and her own abilities, which is empowering in its own way.

2 Kylo Ren Gets Topless and Oiled Up.

😍 beefcake #adamdriver #kyloren

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No, I'm not joking. By far my favorite moments in The Last Jedi consisted of Adam Driver wearing a pair of incredibly high waisted tight trousers, and nothing else.

In a nod to the audience, Rey asked Kylo to cover up, which he ignored. As his torso appeared to be covered in glimmering, slippery baby oil, he probably didn't want to mess up his clothes. Plus, the fellow audience members I've conferred with didn't mind one bit.

It's impossible not to see the cinematic choice as The Last Jedi's version of Leia's gold bikini. Could this be an attempt to flip the male gaze in a Universe that's typically catered to it?

3 General Leia is alive and well at the end of the movie.

It was sooooooo #amazing #starwars #thelastjedi

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Sadly, Carrie Fisher's passing has meant that Episode IX is being reworked. As Mark Hamill confirmed, "I know they're going to try and find a way to close her story in [Episode IX] that gives her the respect she deserves,” Hamill said, “because [Han Solo] was more prominent in VII, Luke's a little more prominent in VIII, and certainly Leia was meant to be more prominent in IX.”

The Last Jedi is Carrie Fisher's swan song, and she positively glows throughout the movie. It's heartbreaking to know that we won't see General Leia take center stage in Episode IX. However, the filmmakers honored the screen legend with a tribute during the end credits, but it's surprising that Leia's storyline wasn't remotely wrapped up in The Last Jedi.

4 Kylo Ren gets rid of his helmet.

In a fit of rage, following an unsuccessful meeting with Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo destroys his helmet by smashing it repeatedly against an elevator wall. For the rest of the movie he is helmet-less (and occasionally topless), and it'll be interesting to see if he dons a mask or helmet in Episode IX.

Soon after losing the helmet, Kylo murders Snoke, which is evidence of why you should never criticize a person's clothing choices.

5 Yoda turns up.

Yoda returned as a Force Ghost in The Last Jedi, and appeared to Luke. While it was nice, and surprising, to see him again, Yoda wasn't given an awful lot to do. Although he did suggest that Rey was more than ready to take her next step as a Jedi. So thanks, I guess?

6 Porgs steal the show.

The face you make when Chewbacca is running after you with a fork. #PorgLivesMatter #Porgs

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The Last Jedi introduced some new creatures. Firstly, there are Porgs, a species of sea bird that lives on the planet Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker resides.

The second is the super sparkly Vulptex, a breed of fox covered in crystals, which totally looks like it could've been inspired by a certain pair of Saint Laurent boots.

7 Laura Dern is utter perfection as Vice Admiral Holdo.

I loved her

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That Laura Dern is utter perfection is no surprise whatsoever. From Enlightened, to Big Little Lies, Dern continues to wow audiences worldwide. But as Vice Admiral Holdo, Dern is the steady hand the Rebels need when General Leia goes into a coma. Her performance is graceful, and her character refuses to listen to all the mansplainers around her (I'm looking at you, Poe).

8 Luke dies.

Luke dies following a fairly mediocre battle with Kylo Ren towards the end of the movie. He simply disappears into nothingness, and Rey claims that he is now at peace. Presumably, this is to make way for Rey's strength in the Force in the next movie, but it was pretty disappointing to see one of the most powerful Jedi Masters just vanish.

Hopefully, Luke will return as a Force Ghost in Episode IX, but Mark Hamill definitely deserved better than he got in The Last Jedi.

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