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9 Cool House Plants

Get a houseplant to liven up your living space.
chic houseplants
It's time to go green — get a houseplant to liven up your living space. Check out our picks for the coolest plants, and our tips on how to care for them.
chic houseplants
Chic Plants for Your Home
Hoya Plant
Why it's cool: The Hoya plant comes in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes and is exceptionally low-maintenance. Best of all, it produces clusters of gorgeous, delicate, waxy pink flowers.
How to care for it: Hoya plants like bright light, but not direct sun. Let the soil dry between waterings, and don't be afraid to prune, as hoyas grow fast and will wrap themselves around nearby objects unless controlled. Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
ron sumners
Chic Plants for Your Home
Venus Flytrap
Why it's cool: The Venus flytrap is not only awesome-looking, it's also a star of stage and screen! Immortalized in the Little Shop of Horrors, this carnivorous plant eats bugs and spiders. Yummy, huh?
How to care for it: This plant is not for the faint of heart. Basically, feed it insects that it will find in the wild. Feel free to squash the bugs before putting them in the traps so they don't get away. Don't feed them any processed meat, or anything that wouldn't normally fall into the trap in the wild. Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
Courtesy of Skymall.com
Chic Plants for Your Home
Why it's cool: With soaring food and oil prices, now's the time to learn self-sustenance. Growing your own food? Very cool. You can do so at home, soil-free, with hydroponic equipment. Grow tomatoes and other vegetables without having to sign up for the community garden.
How to care for it: Buy a hydroponic growing kit and follow the directions. Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
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Chic Plants for Your Home
Sensitive Plant
Why it's cool: Also called the humble plant, or the tickle-me plant, the sensitive plant has one particularly odd characteristic: Its leaves immediately fold in on themselves when touched; when left alone for a few minutes, they open back up. Good for hours of entertainment!
How to care for it: This plant is a native of Brazil, so lots of light and warmth are key. Keep in sunny areas of your home. Buy It now
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chic houseplants
Marcin Krygier
Chic Plants for Your Home
Aloe Vera
Why it's cool: Aloe is easy to grow and maintain, and as anyone who has ever had a sunburn knows, it has terrific medicinal qualities. No household is complete without one.
How to care for it: Water thoroughly in summer, but let the soil dry between waterings. In winter, water only minimally, and keep it away from windows. Since aloe is 95 percent water, it's very susceptible to frost. Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
Courtesy of Chia Pet
Chic Plants for Your Home
Why it's cool: It's a Chia! Don't you feel totally '80s already?
How to care for it: Mix the contents of the seed packet with a little water, and then spread onto the terra-cotta body of the Chia. Add more water to the body after a few days, and your Chia will grow like magic! Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
Suzannah Skelton
Chic Plants for Your Home
Why it's cool: This one serves double-duty: Not only will your cat love you for growing her very own kitty weed, it will keep her from chowing down on the other plants in your home.
How to care for it: Place in a sunny spot and water as needed. Your biggest challenge with this plant is trying to keep the cat away long enough to let it grow. Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
Courtesy of PlantWorldNursery.com
Chic Plants for Your Home
Why it's cool: We can't lie; we love the name. The lipstick plant earned its name from its long, tubular red blooms.
How to care for it: Lipstick plants love light but not direct afternoon sun. Keep the soil moist — never let it completely dry out — but not soggy. Buy It Now
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chic houseplants
Chic Plants for Your Home
Herb Garden
Why it's cool: Fresh herbs are imperative ingredients for making flavorful dinners, but they can be really expensive at the market. Making a home for an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill ensures that you have fresh herbs whenever you need them — and only at an arm's length from the stove.
How to care for it: Keep the herb garden at room temperature, and make sure it has plenty of light. Don't leave it on the windowsill if it's really hot or cold outside — extreme temperatures are detrimental to the health of the roots. Keep the soil moist, but don't overwater. Buy It Now
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