Here's Your *Ideal* Office Holiday Party Outfit, Courtesy of Zanna Roberts Rassi

Marie Claire's senior fashion editor is here to soothe all your what-to-wear woes.

"What To Wear For (opens in new tab)" is a new video series inspired by a question I am asked daily by women (and guys), and that I ask myself every night whilst drifting to sleep (yes, really): What do I wear for _____?! (A wedding when your ex is there, the second all-important date, a long-distance business flight with colleagues...the complicated-wardrobe-navigation list goes on and on.)

Truth be told, the real "ah-ha" moment came when I had to spend an hour and a half figuring out what to wear for my Visa application interview at the U.S. embassy. What do I wear for an interview with the U.S. government? I wondered. A blazer and jeans are too boring! (I'm applying for a creative visa, after all). Chunky heels with cropped high-waisted pants are too fashion. Floaty femme dress = too playful. It went on and on and I tried at least 10 looks before getting out the door—wearing the most boring black pants and black sweater ever.

So after (many!) years of dispensing style advice for Marie Claire and on TV, I decided it's time to put together a weekly series of editorialized fashion how-tos. Stylish, fun, quick, smart, and sharable videos, because we all and ONLY dress for the situation.

Here, in our first edition, we're cracking the code on office holiday-party dressing (the hardest!)—watch below, and stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and style saves.

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