Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Snap a Selfie on the Set of Burberry's New Campaign

The most perfect selfie there ever was.

Considering we're hot on the heels of Karl Lagerfeld proclaiming Cara Delevingne the new Kate Moss, the prospect of the two supermodels working together is pretty mind-blowing. But leave it to Burberry to make it happen—both icons are It Brits, after all. Moss and Delevingne are set to star together as the faces of the label's fall campaign, and while we're told to hang tight for official images, Burberry did offer us a sneak peek via this Instagram of the most perfect selfie that ever was.

Whether you agree or not with Lagerfeld's bold statement about the duo, it's undeniably awesome to see the biggest muse of today fraternize with the biggest muse of the past twenty-five years. Speculation time: Maybe in 2040, Delevingne will be starring with Lottie Moss? Or, better yet—Kate will still be fronting campaigns herself, and killing it as always.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Via ELLE.com

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