Minnie Mouse Celebrated Her 90th Birthday at New York Fashion Week

Several of her famous friends came out to toast her.

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This year Minnie Mouse celebrates her 90th (!) birthday. Shocking as it may be (she doesn't look a day over...well, whatever age is considered young and sprightly in mouse years), Minnie celebrated exactly as you'd expect: With a lot of famous friends and right smack at the start of New York Fashion Week. Minnie and her iconic style were celebrated at the #MinnieStyle Suite, where the likes of Ashley Graham, Jamie Chung, and Law Roach came out to honor the influential mouse and toast her signature polka-dot looks. Here, see how Minnie and her celeb friends marked the big day.

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Britney Tokyo, Law Roach, Minnie Mouse, Mario Dedivanovic, and Jen Atkin

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Minnie Mouse and Jen Atkin

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Jamie Chung and Minnie Mouse

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Mario Dedivanovic and Minnie Mouse

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Ashley Graham

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Britney Tokyo, Minnie Mouse, and Ashley Graham

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Minnie Mouse and Nicole Mehta

Costume, Polka dot, Style,
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Charlotte Bridgeman and Minnie Mouse

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Molly Sims and Minnie Mouse

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Christy Joseph and Minnie Mouse

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