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5 Desk-Side Essentials to Transform Yesterday's Outfit into Today's New Look

No one will ever have to know (insert evil laugh here.)

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Things Lifetime's UnREAL has taught us: 1) Televised dating "reality" shows are way more dramatic than we thought, and 2) we regular folk are not the only ones who recycle outfits. The show's resident #GirlBoss, Rachel Goldberg, has been known to wear the same shirt two days in a row, a sartorial habit we find all-too relatable. But while it can be slightly awkward to show up to work wearing yesterday's look, you can easily avoid side-eyes by keeping an arsenal of emergency fashion accessories in your desk.

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1 A Silk Scarf

Scarves aren't just for festival season, friends. Whether you layer it over a dress as a drapey halter top or turn it into a makeshift belt, keeping a quality silk scarf in your desk is a sartorial life saver. And in the spirit of "go big or go home," we went with this Alexander McQueen piece. Because really, it just doesn't get any more chic.

Alexander McQueen Skull Print Silk Scarf, $295; nordstrom.com

2 Shoes That Shine Bright Like a Diamond

To be honest, designating an entire desk drawer for shoes is never not a good idea. But to give the illusion of a new outfit, you're going to want something that distracts everyone from the fact that you're most definitely wearing yesterday's pencil dress. And on days when yesterday's outfit is in fact last night's outfit, a geek-chic flat like Zara's tasseled loafer tones down sex-appeal.

Zara Tasselled Loafer, $29.90; Zara.com

3 A Statement Necklace

Sometimes a super-colorful necklace and a bold red lip are all it takes to totally transform a look. Yesterday's navy shift dress? Add this eye-catching statement necklace and we can almost guarantee it's all anyone in your office will be looking at.

Crystal Motif Necklace, $128; jcrew.com

4 A Black Belt

Cinching your waist with a belt will break up the silhouette of your old outfit, and—depending on how flashy said belt is—add a cool stylistic element. Sure, plain black leather could be a liiiiittle lacking in impact, but you also don't want a piece that clashes with your clothes. The best of both words? This double-buckle belt.

B-Low the Belt Bri Bri Waist Belt, $148; revolve.com

5 A Long Button-Down Shirt

When all else fails, break out a trusty long white button-down. It'll cover up most of your old look, and you'll end up feeling surprisingly chic. H&M's linen-blend is cost-efficient and goes with literally everything.

Long Linen-blend Shirt, $34.99; hm.com

Tune in to the second season of UnREAL, premiering on Lifetime on June 6th at 10/9c.

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