I venti finalisti di #MCBodytelling: storia della bellezza in Cina

Tra i classificati, il progetto dello studente Wang Dingding

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Il lavoro di Wang Dingding, studente della Naba, si intitola Learn to appreciate the beauty of your body:

In the Qing Dinasty of China, women are not allowed to expose their skin outside and even can not leak their feet when walking. In ancient times, the status of women was very low. They let women entangke their feet, called three-inch golden lotus. The ancient woman was petite, her legs were light and beautiful, and artificially prevented from developing. The girl began to fit feet at age of four or five. In the period of Republic of China, under the influence of Western culture, women’s costumes in the Republic of China began to show the beauty of women.


The status of women is also increasing, and women can do things with their own preferences.


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