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What Fashion Editor Nina Garcia Actually Wears
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Madonna's Derm Spills Her Glow-y Skin Secrets
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How to Look Like You've Made It
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A Day in the Life of the Super Bowl Referee
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20 Cult-Favorite Asian Beauty Products
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6 Fun Trips to Take With Your Best Friend
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5 Things You Must Do Before Asking for a Raise
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Color Your Hair? 4 Things NOT to Do in the Shower
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You've Spotted Your First Gray Hair: A Game Plan
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Real Women on Fighting Insecurities with Fashion
Case Capacity
Easy Tricks to Make Airplane Travel Less Painful
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Secrets From Women Who Fake a Good Night's Sleep
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How to Wear Leggings to Work
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Yes, You Can Wear Leggings to the Office
The $10 Thing You Should Never Leave Home Without
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4 Long-Wear Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life
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Stop Believing These 3 Beauty Myths
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The Bold Hair Color to Try This Summer
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An Edgy-But-Pulled-Together Color Transformation
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I Found the Strapless Bra Dreams Are Made Of
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5 Outfits that Serve Every High Stake Moment
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This Stuntwoman Slash Photographer Is #CareerGoals
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This Disruptor Will Inspire You to Exercise Anywhe
Ally Walsh
Fashion Face-Off: New York vs. Los Angeles
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15 Dresses That Look Good on Everyone
The Best Fall Boots For Every Workplace
5 Ways to Wear Boots to the Office
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What to Pack for Every Kind of Music Festival
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Randi Zuckerberg Is Teaching Tech Girls to Dream
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6 Rules for Work-Life Balance from a #GirlBoss
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The Woman who Turned Her Styling Business into an
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How to Undo Pastel Hair Chalk
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How to Take Your Festival Hair Back to Real Life
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What It's Like to Go Glamping at Firefly Festival
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7 Budge-Proof Beauty Products Tested by Real Women
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4 Reasons Argan Oil Is Pure Beauty Gold
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5 Reasons Coconut Will Be Your Beauty Hero
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4 Avocado Hacks for Better Skin and Hair
5 Sweet Reasons You Need More Honey in Your Life
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The Most Versatile Piece of Clothing You Can Own
<p>The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are almost countless. "The antioxidant EGCG has been studied to treat various diseases and may help with brain function, fat loss, and lowering the risk of cancer," says Snyder. "Polyphenols are another antioxidant plentiful in green tea and can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting our cells from aging and other diseases." Keep your sipping to one or two cups a day as green tea is high in caffeine, which is best consumed in moderation, says Snyder. As for which to buy: "It's great to use organic loose leaf tea or tea bags that contain loose leaves,&nbsp;which are higher quality and are less processed," she says,&nbsp;as opposed to tea 'dust.'</p>
5 Green Tea Hacks to Try at Home
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One Woman's Journey from Easy-Bake to Bakery Owner
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Getting-Ready Hacks to Cut Your AM Routine in Half
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Foundation That Makes Skin Glow Even After Makeup
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Steal 7 Street Style Stars' Best Beauty Looks Ever