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Regina George's Sister Shares #TBT

For Mean Girls Day, she shared a #TBT with "mom" Amy Poehler.

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Amy Poehler Hopes J.Lo Isn't Mad at Her Because She's a Better Dancer

Amy appeared on "The Tonight Show" for a game of "Truth or Truth."

A Look Inside Tina Fey's HBICs-Only Squad

She's basically the Taylor Swift of Hollywood.

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Amy Poehler, Journalist: An Insanely Charming Interview with 11-Year-Old 'Funhome' Actress Sydney...

Topics of discussion include: reincarnation, Will Ferrell, and scooters.

Amy Poehler's #SmartGirlsAsk Campaign Is Changing the Red Carpet Conversation

She wants women to answer more than just "who are you wearing?"

Amy Poehler Interviews the Star of Her Sure-to-Be-Massive New Show, 'Difficult People'
World, meet Julie Klausner.
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Amys Schumer to 'the Daily Show': Thanks, but I'm Good
Just because you get offered the chance to host one of the best shows ever doesn't mean you take it.
Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Shame a Misogynistic Sports Analyst Until He Can Be Shamed No More
"You would rather watch someone talk about HATS than watch some badass American bitches take down Colombia?!"
30 Gloriously Awkward Photos of Celebrities at Prom
We'd love to know how they were promposed to...
amy poehler
20 Questions with Amy Poehler
The Golden Globe-winning star of Parks and Recreation and gets serious (sort of) about dispensing advice, from buying a pet to to mendi…
So This Happened Last Night...
I mean, if I was sitting next to Gary Busey and my name was called for a Golden Globe...perhaps I'd do the same. Maybe? Probably no. Ye…
tina fey
The First 15 Minutes of The Golden Globes Were Spectacular
Can every award show start off this way? Please?
tina fey
And The Winner Is...
The best hair, makeup, fashion, and more!
Live Updates from the 2014 Golden Globes Awards!
Marie Claire's live coverage of all the the news, red carpet mishaps, and Tina-Amy shenanigans happening at the 2014 Golden Globes Awar…
Not One, But TWO!
This is perhaps the best news we'll hear all day.