Diane Sawyer and Ashley Judd

ashley judd

Ashley Judd Speaks Out About Harvey Weinstein

It was her first interview since going public with her story.

Inspiring Quotes from the Women's March Speeches

" Say this with me: We choose love."

Why We Need to Stop Calling It "Revenge Porn"
Thoughts on how to finally eradicate internet trolls.
Ashley Judd Is Pressing Charges Against Twitter...
The trolls attacked her about a basketball game, SMH.
ashley judd
Ashley Judd's Memoir: Why Relationships Can Make...
In a new memoir, Ashley Judd discusses her depression -- a problem t…
Ashley Judd at a press conference with the cast of director William Friedkin’s "BUG"
Celeb Fashion: Ashley Judd
Get her perfect garden look.
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ashley judd
The Good Fight
A crusader hell-bent on making a difference.