bill clinton

13 Revelations From Hillary Clinton's Memoir

And 12 more big reveals from her new memoir 'What Happened.'

Bill Clinton's Trolling Donald Trump on Social

Taking dad jokes to a presidential level.

Tyler Clinton
Famous Nephew Tyler Clinton Signs with IMG

Take a look at that bone structure.

These 4 Videos Show You a Lot About Donald Trump
He treated one important moment very differently from his three imme…
Hillary Clinton inauguration
Why Hillary Clinton Is at Trump's Inauguration

"I will never stop believing in our country and its future."

Read George W. Bush's Inauguration Day Letter to Obama

*But spend the whole time wondering what Obama is writing to Trump.*

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Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton
A New Season of 'American Crime Story' Will Take on the Monica Lewinsky Scandal

That's how you follow an act like 'The People v OJ Simpson.'

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Hillary Clinton's Hot Nephew

He's causing quite the social media meltdown.

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Bill Clinton Finally Told Everyone How He Met and Fell in Love with Hillary Clinton

So here's the story from A to Z, you wanna get with Hill, you gotta listen carefully....

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Chelsea Clinton: Republican Hate Speech Is "Far More Troubling" Than Attacks On My Parents

Hillary Clinton's daughter discusses the campaign hours before the Iowa caucus.

Can Hillary Clinton Keep It Cool?
The presidential hopeful aims to be in with the in crowd.
Hillary Clinton: America's Gender Pay Gap Is "Distressing"
Women's empowerment isn't just an issue overseas, she said.
bill clinton
Is Bill Clinton a Hypocrite?
He's furious at Weiner? Hello, double standard!
fighting woman and man siting in dollhouse
Language Lessons: How To Speak Male During A Breakup
Remember language classes, where the teacher attempted to steer you away from translating between languages word-for-word? Well, I real…
With an election looking, voters focus on what's really important - which candidate is sexier?
Who's the Sexiest of Them All?
With an election looming, voters focus on what's really important.
Interview with Mike Huckabee
On trans fats, thongs, and presidential ambitions