Katy Perry, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston, and Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift's Most Savage 'Reputation' Lyrics

Kimye, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston...everyone takes a hit here.

8 fan theories on what Taylor Swift's Reputation lyrics are about
8 Theories on Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Lyrics
Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Joe Alwyn, and Kimye all feature, of …
Calvin Harris Posts Weird Snapchat During Tay Drop

"Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours."

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Secretly Wrote a Country Song, and It's *Definitely* About a Breakup

Time to listen to Little Big Town's "Better Man" if you haven't already.

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Taylor Swift Will Be the First to Admit She Had Zero Chill Last Night

The singer came out to support Gigi Hadid and subtly shade Calvin Harris.

Calvin Harris Has a Few More Things to Say About His Taylor Swift Breakup

Also, the internet thinks Adam Wiles is teaming up with Demi Lovato to take on Tay Tay.

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So Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian Are Hanging Out Now

And you'll never guess who brought them together.

Welp, It Looks Like Calvin Harris Has Chosen a Side in the Kimye-Taylor Drama

This is SO unexpected! (Just kidding, it's not. At all.)

Taylor Swift Just Killed Off Nils Sjoberg

The singer replaced her pseudonym in the "This Is What You Came For" credits with her own name.

Taylor Swift Reportedly Wrote "This Is What You Came For" Under a Different Name

Did Calvin Harris intentionally replace her with Rihanna?

Calvin Harris Is Already Releasing a Song About Hiddleswift

He beat Taylor to making music about her new relationship.

Calvin Harris Now Posting Revenge Body Snaps

He's really living his best single life.