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Ted Cruz Will Reportedly Name Carly Fiorina as His Would-Be Vice President

Fiorina is said to be his pick for a running mate in the election, should he land the GOP nomination.

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Jeb Cruz
How Toxic Masculinity Poisoned the 2016 Election

The political discourse has been reduced, literally, to penis size. 

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
7 Things You Missed During Last Night's GOP...

It was Trump versus Cruz the whole night.

Carly Fiorina Says She's "Hillary Clinton's Worst...
She also said it was the "height of hypocrisy" for Clinton to say sh…
Please Stop Acting Like We Vote with Our Vaginas
Just because we share an anatomy with Carly Fiorina doesn't mean we'…
What the Handwriting of Each 2016 Candidate Reveals About Them

Guess who was described as "bigheaded" and "lacking empathy"...

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Seemingly Grown Man Donald Trump Insults Carly Fiorina's Face

He's apparently not pleased with how his fellow GOP candidate looks.