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Love Rom-Coms? Watch These 40 Classic Movies

From the advent of the "talkies" to a faked orgasm in a restaurant, let's get historical.

George Clooney
George Clooney Returning to TV 20 Years After 'ER'

He'll both star in and direct the new series.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Just Reunited
Though they aren't dating anymore, they're still the friendliest exe…
Jennifer Lawrence Delights in Red-Carpet Photobomb

This time, Emma Stone is her target.

50 Celebrities Who Turned Down Iconic Roles

You'll never guess who almost played Rose in 'Titanic'...đŸ˜³

What 14 Celebrities Look Like Without Their Signature Looks

If you think Taylor Swift is unrecognizable, wait until you see Gwen Stefani.

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Emma Stone Reportedly Has a New Boyfriend

The actress is rumored to be dating 'SNL's Dave McCary.

Emma Stone Joins the Louis Vuitton Family

She becomes the latest ambassador for the French fashion house.

14 Things Emma Stone Did to Get Her Billie Jean King Body

She gained 15 pounds of muscle for the role.

The Real Story of the Battle of the Sexes

Billie Jean King on the match that made history—and headlines all over again with this weekend's big-screen premiere.

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone Are Us, All Sharing an Awkward Hug

J.Law went in for a hug, and Emma wasn't quite ready.

emma stone and andrew garfield
Rumor We Hope Is True: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Close to Getting Back Together

She's apparently visited him in London several times.

Emma Stone Oscars 2017 Make-up
Emma Stone Says Her Male Costars Have Taken Pay Cuts so She Gets Equal Pay

The actress also draws parallels between her movie Battle of the Sexes and the election.

Emma Stone Reportedly Played Matchmaker to Taylor Swift and Her Boyfriend

Move over Cupid, you are no longer relevant.

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Watch the Moment Emma Stone Started Sobbing Backstage at the Oscars

She was overwhelmed with emotion when Brie Larson congratulated her.

Here Is Andrew Garfield Feeling a Lot of Feelings When Emma Stone Wins the Oscar

And that wasn't the only moment the two had during the show.

Oscars 2017 Best Picture announcement
Here's How That Massive Oscars Mistake *Really* Happened

Don't blame Warren Beatty.

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Emma Stone's Gracious Reaction to 'Moonlight' Winning Over 'La La Land' Might Also Deepen the...

Wait, WHAT with the Best Actress card, Emma?!

Emma Stone
Emma Stone Had the Sweetest Message for Ryan Gosling During Her Oscars Speech

"Thank you for making me laugh."

Mean Tweets Oscars Edition Is the Gift We All Deserve

A perfect mid-show LOL break.