kennedys and queen elizabeth

jackie kennedy

The Day the Kennedys Met the Queen

What really happened the day the first couple came to Buckingham Palace.

Melania Continues to Channel Jackie Kennedy

The current first lady is clearly a fan in more ways than one.

Did You Ever Notice Jackie Kennedy's Lifts?

Every pair she owned shared the same detail.

jackie kennedy jfk
JFK and Jackie Kennedy are #CoupleGoals
Rare shots of the political power couple showcase their early life t…
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy's Rejection Letter Goes Up for Sale
In the letter, which is up for auction, she wrote "you are like my b…
14 Photos That Prove Amal Clooney Is Jackie Kennedy Incarnate


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Princess Lee Radziwill Opens Up About Her Sister Jackie Kennedy and JFK

The 83-year-old gave an extraordinary, rare interview.

Meet Jackie Kennedy's Granddaughter, Up-and-Coming Comedian Rose Schlossberg

She's a dead ringer for the late icon.

The Most Stylish Couples Throughout History
What could be better than a well dressed individual? Two well dressed individuals, of course.
jfk wedding
Negatives From John F. Kennedy's Wedding Auction for $34,000
A piece of political history now belongs to the highest bidder.
Why You Won't See Jackie Kennedy's Pink Suit Until 2103
We will only ever be able to see Jackie Kennedy's iconic pink suit in photographs.
jackie as editor book
What We're Reading: Another Jackie O Biography
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis lovers are rejoicing this month: Another biography about her editing career arrives on shelves this week.
bored couple at dinner
How to Deal If You're on a Boring Date
Jackie Kennedy Onassis teaches us by example.